30th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Thoughtful ideas for a 30th wedding anniversary party

If you’re planning for 30th wedding anniversary party ideas, then it’s definitely playing on your mind that you just threw a grand silver jubilee party just 5 years ago. So does it really make sense to do so again in such a short while?

Well my friend, 5 years is a long time, half a decade, in fact! So just because you did something back then, doesn’t mean that your planning of your 30th wedding anniversary party ideas should turn out to be a half-hearted affair! Here are a few things you can do without being extravagant.

  1. Dinner with friends

If you’re planning for 30th wedding anniversary party ideas & especially if you’re a working couple, you’re probably very busy with your careers. In such a situation, it is always good to catch with friends, especially old and long lost friends.

It’s likely that your friends are just as busy as you are so to make sure that this idea from the list of 30th wedding anniversary party ideas isn’t a damp squib, send out the invitations well in advance & insist on confirmations from your friends.

  1. Surprise a busy couple

This idea among 30th wedding anniversary party ideas applies to you if you are friends with a couple about to turn 30. If you’re friends with them & if you know that they’re too busy to celebrate then plan a surprise for them!

Call your mutual friends for a celebration so that it turns out to be a grand affair. Get them to chip in with their own 30th wedding anniversary ideas & put in efforts to make this party a success. At the end of it, one of your friends should feel motivated to do the same for you!

  1. Get-together with your kids

By the time you reach your 30th anniversary, you probably have kids who work & are busy with their own lives. It’s a great idea to involve them with your planning of 30th wedding anniversary party ideas. They can get some respite and relaxation from their busy routines.

Just like your busy friends, talk to them in advance so that they can clear out some space in their busy schedules. They’re your children so you definitely don’t want them to be left out of your implementation of your 30th wedding anniversary party ideas.

  1. Have a theme party

Be it Bollywood night, Hollywood night, ancient Greece or something else, none of the 30th wedding anniversary party ideas can zing up the party as much as having a theme. Ask your guests to dress up according to the theme also & arrange for food, drinks & entertainment to go with the theme. We’ll help you out!

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