40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Grand ideas for a 40th wedding anniversary party

If you’re having to think about 40th wedding anniversary party ideas, then you’re about to achieve magical 40th milestone, hence congratulations! You’re probably just putting behind a long and illustrious career & just settling into or thinking about settling into retirement. What better way to celebrate this marvellous milestone than by throwing a glorious party that will serve as a source of good memories & good times for the golden years yet to come. Here are some out of the box 40th wedding anniversary party ideas.

  1. Plan a week-long celebration

If you’re just embarking on retirement, then you have some time on hand. Why let all the effort, hard work & companionship of 40 years come & fly by in just a day? Make it last longer by planning your 40th wedding anniversary party ideas to give you & your loved ones a source of joy for at least a week!

Get everyone involved & ask friends and family for their own 40th wedding anniversary party ideas. Draw chits out of these ideas & implement a few of them daily for 7 days, ending with your special day!

  1. Have a boat or cruise party

A grand idea amongst 40th wedding anniversary party ideas is to take your closest near and dear ones on a cruise. There’s nothing like a cruise in the middle of a deep ocean to give you and your loved ones a sense of isolation & hence an opportunity at bonding.

However, a cruise of all 40th wedding anniversary party ideas is not for the faint hearted. It requires big budgets and deep pockets. If you’d like to try out a smaller version of a cruise party, you can try a boat party. Just hire a boat at a nearby, river, lake or sea and take everyone for a short outing to the middle of the water body.

  1. Have a destination party

Always wanted to go to your dream destination, but could never find time because of work? Now is your chance! Take your spouse & elope to Goa, Bali, Paris or wherever it is you wanted to go. This idea of all 40th wedding anniversary party ideas is bound to be your spouse’s favourite.

Then again, if you do have deep pockets you could plan this majestic of 40th wedding anniversary party ideas in a completely different way! Book rooms for your closest friends & family at your destination resorts & let them share in your joy!

  1. Tie it with charity

This this the most touching of 40th wedding anniversary ideas. You’ve worked long & hard & made a life for yourself. But there are underprivileged for whom life is still a struggle. Call a few underprivileged kids to your party, let them partake of some food & drinks, give them a few gifts & see the smiles on their faces! You’re not really gifting them, you’re gifting yourself!

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