60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom

Make your mom’s 60th birthday party a memorable one with these ideas!

The 60th Birthday party of mom is always a memorable and amazing event her life. Here different ideas are shared for 60th Birthday party ideas for mom which will help you to know how best to celebrate this special occasion for mom.

  1. 60th Birthday Cake :

This idea of 60th Birthday cake is one of the most adorable idea among different 60th Birthday party Ideas for mom. You can decorate the cake using 60th birthday tag line or maybe you can straight get it printed from any of the cake shop. To make the day special for 60th Birthday of your mom, use your imaginative side of your brain for this.

  1. Lawn Party :

If you own a large lawn, then perhaps you can plan out the party for the lawn and this idea would serve as one of the natural ideas among 60th Birthday party Ideas for mom. You can arrange some games, music, and dance events to use the vast space. The lawn part will bring natural essence and feeling of celebration into the mind of mom.

  1. Dedications :

This idea would offer a tribute as compared to other ideas related for 60th Birthday party Ideas for mom. She being a mom has played a very significant role in your life. So why can’t you offer a kind of tribute to the mom. You can show your love and dedication by dedicating anything you want on this auspicious event. Some ideas for dedications are suggested below.

Speech – You can dedicate a speech to mom. In the speech you can depict some of the actual close moments, relations, ups and downs happened in life, experiences, etc. and she would feel pleasant.

Music – You can dedicate any of her favourite music, or you can choose the music yourself and dedicate the same by singing.

Dance – You can dedicate a dance performance at this event and it would create an atmosphere of entertainment and celebrations.

  1. Finest surprise :

One of the 60th Birthday party Ideas for mom is to give her the best surprise. It may include calling her old school friends, college buddies, colleagues, etc. who are lost from ages. By this she will felt very emotional to see all those people collected for celebrating her birthday. You can also surprise her by gifting something extraordinary or precious which she has been longing for years.

  1. 70 & 80’s theme :

This idea would let you remember your mom the past life among the rest of the 60th Birthday party Ideas for mom in India. As you are celebrating her 60th Birthday so most possibly in 70’s or 80’s she might be around 20 to 30 years of age. So having the 80’s theme in the event of 60th Birthday party of mom will make her happy by remembering and reviving all those memory of that past era. You can decorate the venue using 70’s & 80’s movie posters, dress stylishness or even cars poster of those years.

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