60th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Surprise your grandparents with these 60th wedding anniversary party ideas

Assuming your loved ones got married in their twenties, by the time it was time for their 60th wedding anniversary, they would be in their eighties & the responsibility of coming up with their 60th wedding anniversary party ideas would probably fall on you. You may be any of these people – their child, a friend, a neighbour, a relative or well-wisher, but if you really want to touch the hearts of your octogenarian couple, you need consider some of the below 60th wedding anniversary party ideas.

  1. Renewal of vows

This one of 60th Wedding anniversary party ideas is a no brainer. A married couple which has stayed together for 60 years has undoubtedly formed an inalienable bond & would appreciate nothing more than to go back 60 years in time & relive the moment when they got married.

The venue for the event could be decorated with photographs & memorabilia from 60 years ago & you can have TV screens playing video clips of important events from their 60-year-old magical journey.

  1. Have a small religious ceremony

An older couple is very likely to be religious & pious and hence an add on to vows renewal in the list of 60th wedding anniversary party ideas would be to have a short & sweet religious ceremony. Short & sweet because the guests attending the event may not have the time & the patience for a long one!

This of all ideas among 60th wedding anniversary party ideas affords the attendees of the event, as well as the couple itself, a chance to offer thanks for the good lives that they have had so far & to pray for a happy & healthy future.

  1. Call all family & friends

Nothing is more important to an octogenarian couple than meeting with family and friends. Hence, another important idea of the 60th wedding anniversary party ideas is to make sure to invite all those whom the couple holds dear. Sons, grandsons, daughters, granddaughters, great grandsons & great granddaughters (if applicable) are particularly important. Elderly couples like to see & mingle with all of future generations as often as they can.

Inviting of old friends is important too, among all of the 60th wedding anniversary party ideas. These are people with whom the couple has shared their joys & sorrows & been through ups & downs.

  1. Arrange for exchange of gifts

Just because a couple is elderly doesn’t mean that the couple wouldn’t appreciate receiving gifts. Hence, the final of the 60th wedding anniversary party ideas is to arrange for an exchange of gifts. As the arranger of the party, you could tell incoming guests to bring age appropriate items for the old couple.

The couple may also want to give gifts, especially to their future generations. Hence, you should check with them regarding gifts and any other special requirements, before planning for the party.

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