80th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate the special occasion of your grandparents’ 80th birthday with these party ideas

The 80th birthday is a special event in the life of a person and especially to his/her friends, relatives, sons, daughters, grandson, granddaughters, etc. If you are planning a celebration for – your friend, mom, dad, or grandparent – you will get loads of excitement and fun planning for 80th birthday party ideas as given below.

  1. Foods and Drinks:

The menu of food and drinks at the birthday party, would be appropriate for the gratification of the older people present at the party. This idea among the other 80th birthday party ideas will cater to the appetite of the birthday person who is turning 80. You can even include a few exceptional dishes for the younger people invited at the birthday party event.

  1. Party Decorations:

The second of 80th birthday party ideas would suggest party decorations. Simply because it is an old person’s birthday party does not suggest that you have to use whites, blacks, and greys for decorating the birthday party event.

There are no limits on the use of colours for these parties and consequently, you can have a choice of any blend of colours which you think will make the event look attractive. Best is to select the favourite colours of the octogenarian.

  1. A Charity Affair:

The third of the 80th birthday party ideas would serve towards fulfilment of a noble cause in his/her life. By the time a person touches 80 they typically have little in the way of wishes or needs. So, rather than gifting birthday presents, you could make the birthday celebration into a fund raiser for the person’s preferred charity. You can organize a birthday party there and contribute the money raised from the event to charity, in the celebrant’s name.

  1. Around the World in 80 Years:

This idea is funny and also a memorable one among the remaining 80th birthday party ideas. You can make a photographic time line of main events that occurred in the celebrant’s life. First, put the oldest images first. Follow about the room from left to right side with the last image being the newest. You can plan your whole party around this idea, or make it an enjoyable activity or party game for every guest to get intricate in.

  1. Birthday by the Numbers:

This last of the 80th birthday party ideas is about the number 80. You might choose to use the number 80 as a theme for decorations or party flavours. For instance, you might have a pot of 80 quantities of typical candy on each table for snacking, and a money tree stand up with 80 rupees for the birthday celebrant. You can even blow up 80 balloons, or perhaps a centrepiece with 80 flowers at the centre table.

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