Starlight is a leading artist management company based in Mumbai. Through the years of experience, we have become experts in managing talented international performers.

Starlight was formed in 2005, by Warren D’Souza, a professional in the industry since the past 20 years, and has been at the forefront for booking, managing and promoting the finest local and international performers.

Though, being a multi faceted artist management agency, we take immense pride in our association to extremely talented musicians and bands in India and from around the world.

Starlight has been the preferred artist booking agency by the biggest names in the event industry, not only because of our talented and unique roster of performers, but because Starlight provides complete entertainment services, adjusting to the client’s budget and expectations.

We don’t just consider ourselves to be an artist booking agency. We are as eager as our clients in terms of providing them with the newest and the most creative entertainment segments for their event in their possible timeslots.

Starlight believes in continuously creating unique acts and giving its clients’ more than they expect.

Some of the people who have relied on us in the past for providing entertainment are-

Mercedes     Porsche   Bentley  Maseratti  Lamborghini    

      Mahindra & Mahindra     Suzuki            

Swarovski     Rado     Geetanjali     FIH

 Citibank     Sahara     Skechers

 Sony & counting…