Band managers for hire

What’s a band for anyway?

And why would someone be looking for band managers for hire?

The word Band originates from a French word that holds the meaning of troop.

A Band generally refers to a group of people which performs together, either vocally or with various instruments such as brass, woodwind, string etc. The concept of band is said to be originated in the early 15th century Germany, where performing arts gained more ‘realism”.

Since then, the concept of bands has become widespread across the world, as well as many genres such as Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B and many more.

Initially, there were military bands which used to march with the army, But as this use lessened, the town bands started emerging and gaining popularity as they performed on all the special holidays and occasions and in courts of the royals.

Starlight brings to you the best band managers for hire

And now, Starlight, a Mumbai based artist Management Company proudly presents to you, an array of options for similar international bands that have learnt from the best, and performed on many stages across the globe. Their performance leaves the crowd awe-struck and wanting for more.

The band managers here at starlight, not only provide you with the best but ensure a smooth transaction from the very first call you make, regarding your requirement.

Starlight boasts of an amazing database of talented performers for various genres.

We have fixed band of performers which include drums, violin, saxophone etc. but we also don’t refrain from creating a customized group with instruments that match the vibes of your event

Though the client can about hundreds of band managers in their city, we are one of the few with direct contact with the artists, many of whom are exclusive with the company.

We provide both Indian and International artists

Though the company specializes in international artists, we also promote Indian bands, established and fresh! The company, over the course of more than 15 yrs has, worked with many Indian idol famed singers, who form bands soon after the show to perform across the country, such as Amit Sana, Jyotsna, Priyanka and many more. Also the company has worked with Rodney and band and Roland with his band.

We don’t just consider ourselves to be an agency to book a band. We are as eager as our clients in terms of providing them with the newest and the most creative entertainment segments for their event in their possible timeslots.

Starlight believes in continuously creating unique acts and giving its clients’ more than they expect. Even if it is just a regular Bollywood band, the artists from Starlight, play with such zeal, making it a very enjoyable performance all in all.

Fusion music anyone?

We also, have bands that perform in sync with other performers such as dancers, DJ’s etc.

We have, in the past, organized fusion bands with Indian and foreign musicians. And also bands, to play fusion with Chinese and Indian music.

Some of the people who have relied on us in the past for providing entertainment are-

Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, Mahindra & Mahindra, Suzuki, Maseratti, Swarovski, Rado, Geetanjali, FIH, Lamborghini, Citibank, Sahara, Sketchers, Sony.

You too can rely on us if you’re looking for band managers for hire.

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