Bar acts are ideal for serving drinks to guests at parties. Enjoy our bar acts like champagne girl, gliding hostess and more!

Gliding hostesses

These hostesses serve the guests at your event while gliding smoothly throughout the venue!

Duration : 180 mins

Champagne Girl

Serve the sparkling wine to your guests with the help of a girl with a sparkling smile! The girl moves around the venue serving the wine from a wine glass holder around her dress!

Led Discs

A beautifully dressed model, carrying an LED tray to serve!

These circular trays are dramatically illuminated with a powerful neon glow and are used for serving to the guests. These girls give an electric ambiance to your event!

Burlesque Tables

These Table Hostesses will move from place to place, through your event, entertaining your guests, offering them cocktails, desserts, showcasing items or just passing out party treats to all your guests.

Duration : 180 mins

Vodka Mamas

Shot girls are a unique and exciting way to break the ice at any event. Glamorous female models with great personalities, to mingle and hand out shots, encouraging guests to drink and join in the fun!

Duration : 180 mins

Dispenser Girls

These beautiful models bring life to any party as they go around serving alcohol shots using bar props, mingling with the guests, encouraging people to chug down their drinks and making sure everybody has a good time!

Duration : 180 mins