Celebrity management agencies

Celebrity management agencies to bring the best of celebrities to your events! Celebrity management agencies plays a very important role in the Bollywood industry as it helps the clients to directly get connected to any celebrity they wish to hire for any event or for any promotional activity for brands etc. These agencies help the artist to stay connected to the market beside their managing companies or their managers as these agencies help them to get business for them and keeps them connected to the glamour industry. Starlight has been successfully doing this for 12 years for their clients. Celebrity management agencies makes work easy for the clients to get connected with any celebrities they wish for their event as it directly deals with the artist without the involvement of a third party in between which makes it easy for the clients to get their desired celebs at the best budgets for them and these agencies also helps client to fulfill all of their requirements by giving them a variety of artists in their desired budget. Celebrity Management agencies have mangers working for different artists and performers who make such transactions easier for the clients as these managers directly deals with clients & the artists to avoid any miscommunication and lesser work for both sides by giving their personal attention to each client and make sure all the terms from the client get fulfilled. The mangers are the backbone of these agencies which get business for the celebrities and also help them to build their PR in the market and they also focuses on creating a brand value for the celeb to be on the top in this industry. We have been working with and coordinating for some of the big names in the industry and it is a pleasure to be a part of the success of these celebs in the Bollywood industry. We have been providing all round solutions to the celebrities by helping them build their brand and getting them quality work, as well as to the clients by providing them with unique and creative entertainment solutions for their events.

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Artist Management Companies in Delhi

Some background of artists and entertainment in Delhi Artist Management industry – one of the top industry in Delhi nowadays. If you go to business listing sites you will find hundreds of artist management companies in Delhi. It seems to be a strong business, but actually this industry is yang in Delhi. Mumbai  is the capital of entertainment culture. There is Bollywood, most of celebrities are staying there, different kind of Awards related to artists would happen in Mumbai. Also international artists prefer to stay in City on The Bay as it’s more Europeanized then other areas in India. Even Starlight– artist management company which based in Mumbai. So event organizers in Delhi had to fly down artists from Mumbai for third corporates and weddings. But the situation has changed few years back, artist management companies in Delhi has got their own artists from abroad, like musicians, belly dancers, models etc. It’s help the event industry in Delhi to grow and made some artists shift to Delhi from Mumbai seeking for new shows or some changes. Why Starlight is among the foremost artist management companies in Delhi Starlight Talent Management – one of the first artist management company in Delhi established in 2005. We have thousands of acts with us ready to blow your mind and make your special day unforgettable for you and your guests. Starlight has got the first international female brass band in India called Band Baja Baaraat. It’s  became popular way to involve them in bride and groom entry on North weddings. They have leaded wedding Bhaaraat many times in Delhi and places around leaving guests mesmerized with foreign girls playing traditional Indian shadi songs. Starlight has got 11-piece International female band called Divine Symphony based in Delhi which included 3 violinists, saxophone player, flutist, cellist, keyboard player, harpist, drummer, base guitarist supervised by conductor. They were privileged to be the main act on Horse Racing Awards 2016 in Bangalore in Turf Club on one stage with dance group of Lewis Terence. Our exemplary work in Delhi Starlight Talent Management had the honor to serve many weddings and events in Delhi and surrounding grounds.  For example our  amazing duo The Violin Conviction has performed on Hockey Award 2014 in Delhi, boggling the imagination with their laser bows and stole hearts of audience with  violin covers of “Jay Ho” and “Badtameeze Dill”. The same Starlight artist – violin duo – took part in unveiling ceremony of new Bentley Bentayga in April 2016 with two foreign models provided by Starlight. This glamorous occasion happened in Hyatt Regency. Starlight musicians – international violinist and saxophonist -  were invited to jam with DJ’s in the most luxurious night clubs in Delhi like Shroom Nightclub, Hype and Third Eye. Let us show you what we can do for you! If you are looking for an entertainment for your wedding reception or rocking show on your sangeet party, or something special to launch your product, or just surprise your guests on small birthday party (or big as well) – Starlight is ready to provide the best entertainment which you can find in Delhi, in India or even abroad. We can fly down especially for the event in Delhi DJ’s, Mirror Dancers, LED shows and many different options of artists from Europe. We can look out some acts and artists which will fit exactly in your budget and expectations. Get in touch with us over here

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Band managers for hire

What's a band for anyway? And why would someone be looking for band managers for hire? The word Band originates from a French word that holds the meaning of troop. A Band generally refers to a group of people which performs together, either vocally or with various instruments such as brass, woodwind, string etc. The concept of band is said to be originated in the early 15th century Germany, where performing arts gained more ‘realism”. Since then, the concept of bands has become widespread across the world, as well as many genres such as Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B and many more. Initially, there were military bands which used to march with the army, But as this use lessened, the town bands started emerging and gaining popularity as they performed on all the special holidays and occasions and in courts of the royals. Starlight brings to you the best band managers for hire And now, Starlight, a Mumbai based artist Management Company proudly presents to you, an array of options for similar international bands that have learnt from the best, and performed on many stages across the globe. Their performance leaves the crowd awe-struck and wanting for more. The band managers here at starlight, not only provide you with the best but ensure a smooth transaction from the very first call you make, regarding your requirement. Starlight boasts of an amazing database of talented performers for various genres. We have fixed band of performers which include drums, violin, saxophone etc. but we also don’t refrain from creating a customized group with instruments that match the vibes of your event Though the client can about hundreds of band managers in their city, we are one of the few with direct contact with the artists, many of whom are exclusive with the company. We provide both Indian and International artists Though the company specializes in international artists, we also promote Indian bands, established and fresh! The company, over the course of more than 15 yrs has, worked with many Indian idol famed singers, who form bands soon after the show to perform across the country, such as Amit Sana, Jyotsna, Priyanka and many more. Also the company has worked with Rodney and band and Roland with his band. We don’t just consider ourselves to be an agency to book a band. We are as eager as our clients in terms of providing them with the newest and the most creative entertainment segments for their event in their possible timeslots. Starlight believes in continuously creating unique acts and giving its clients’ more than they expect. Even if it is just a regular Bollywood band, the artists from Starlight, play with such zeal, making it a very enjoyable performance all in all. Fusion music anyone? We also, have bands that perform in sync with other performers such as dancers, DJ’s etc. We have, in the past, organized fusion bands with Indian and foreign musicians. And also bands, to play fusion with Chinese and Indian music. Some of the people who have relied on us in the past for providing entertainment are- Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, Mahindra & Mahindra, Suzuki, Maseratti, Swarovski, Rado, Geetanjali, FIH, Lamborghini, Citibank, Sahara, Sketchers, Sony. You too can rely on us if you're looking for band managers for hire.

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Celebrity event management

What's celebrity event management all about? Now a day’s any event is incomplete without a celebrity. Let that be a corporate party or wedding, product launches or a reality show celebrity appearance is a must in today’s world. And to get the best of the celebrities to the event you need the best of the management companies, who deal with celebrities. A celebrity event management handles all kind of artist like a cricketer, a footballer, an actor, a wrestler, a choreographer etc and treat them like a celebrity in their work field who  have an urge to be identified as a celebrity. The glamour   and shine to the event includes lots of hard work of the people working behind the event. Starlight Talent Management is the one stop for entertainment solutions.  It is the job of the company to recognize the talent of the upcoming celebrity or artist and get them on them on the right level of recognition.   Starlight - your one stop shop for all celebrity event management needs! Starlight Company is into this field since 10 years and is known for its impressive work in this talent field. Starlight Talent Management Company has the best of the contacts with many celebrities in the Bollywood industry. Starlight is been working with great artists and celebrities over the years and gives its clients the best solution for their events. Starlight Talent Management company deals with celebrity co-ordination, special appearances on any corporate event or weddings, and many more. To run a company, the company needs the best of the artist or celebrity managers which are represented as the face of the company. Starlight managers ensure that the client is given the best of the best celebrity or artist for a particular event. The main aim of a celebrity event management company is to deliver a perfect event with the best of the celebrity along with it. What can Starlight offer you that other agencies can't? Now days there are many budding celebrity event management companies in the industry and Starlight Talent Management has always stood firm on this level where its name is a brand itself. A celebrity event management includes a lot of meetings, official and unofficial, paper work for the celebrity, license work etc. As mentioned above Starlight is the one stop solution for all this. Starlight has all the necessary things sorted for the celebrity or the artist beforehand so that there is no confusion on the day of the event. The main work of a celebrity company is to ensure that every little thing is perfect for the artist or the celebrity on the event or any other function. Giving a surety about the main work of the event to a celebrity is the work of the company as there can be no hide and seeks matter in this field. Starlight Talent Management is one such company which gives its artist or celebrity a homely feeling and makes sure they are happy and smiling all the time at the event. Keeping in mind all the little details makes Starlight one of the best Celebrity Event Management Company in Mumbai.

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Artist management companies in Mumbai

What is an artist management company? An artist management company is a company that hires talented  artist  and guides the artist  career  in the entertainment industry. Artist management companies in Mumbai provide the finest services  in the field of managing events like weddings , corporate events, party events, personal events , Social Events,  conferences , awards function   or wherever entertainment is required . Perfection  plays a very important role  while implementing any task for events that’s why  artist management companies take care of every minute detail  and much more It becomes easy to serve better by paying close attention to details . In   todays  world different performances are becoming essential as  these events should attract and entertain guests. When  a client hires an artist management  company , the  client can leave all their worries aside  and take care of their guest as the  artist management  company takes care of  the entertainment  for the   entire event and he music and performance receive a high level of exposure to the audience . [video width="848" height="480" mp4="http://www.starlighttalents.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Violin-Mermaid-2.mp4" poster="http://www.starlighttalents.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/violin-1906127_640.jpg"][/video] How can you benefit from services of Artist Management companies in Mumbai or Delhi? Artist management companies in Mumbai add glamour to your events  they  have on board a skilled and trained team of artist  that carry out all the work of  artist management companies. Artist management companies build a good  and  friendly  relationship  with customers and clients.  Artist management companies in Delhi help the clients in successful  product  launches , exhibitions ,and organization of events and shows, weddings ,corporate events . They promptly execute the event management service .  Artist companies deal with organizing the required artist for the event  and  Managing the time of the   the artist  so that the guest  will find interest till the very end . Artist management  companies in Mumbai  conduct regular market research keeping watch on the latest trends . How are we better than other artist management companies? Effortless planning and implementation Artist Management Companies execute services in a planned way with the help of effectual ideas and make the events unique and unforgettable  . This is required to avoid any kind of untoward situation and ensure that event is carry out  smoothly  and  to satisfaction of client and memorable for  the audience. Before  a client  intends to meet  an artist management company  the client needs to list the requirement for the event , date,  time of the event , venue and the budget so that the artist management company can customize  the event as per client demands. Artist management companies in Mumbai  staff have been trained in cultural management , travel logistics .  Artist Management companies in Mumbai have a comprehensive network of relevant contacts of Indian and international artist  and  promptly ensures that the client  gets  value for your money .They manage all types of requirement from different categories of customer.   Relentless client servicing For artist management companies each and every client is precious and everyone is treated with special care .Whether the event to be held is big or small  the professional team will provide systematic planning and implementation of the entire event . Artist Management companies in Mumbai provide Disc Jockey, play back singers,  Sand artist , Ghazal Singers , Punjabi Singers ,  Contortionist , Anchors,  International Musicians , Mimicry  artist performances, Acrobats ,Emcee,  magicians , Aerial Musicans , singers  ,  International   musical , Indian instrumental , Dhol and percussionist ,  live performance  by  musical bands ,comedians, Aerialist ,   belly dancers,  dance troops, celebrity , special acts as required by the  client.

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Wedding dancers for hire for your special occasion

Get starlight's wedding dancers for hire to entertain your guests! What is a wedding without music and dance? We all know that music and dance are an integral part of not only Indian weddings but for the people themselves. These two elements enrich any event and give it a soul by adding, color, energy, liveliness and warmth. And this is where Starlight can help you. We have a group of talented and amazing dancers from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. It is a group of individuals who believe in individuality and expressing the art they excel in, to add to the enthusiasm of your wedding, sangeet or mehendi functions. Sangeet is the most fun and vibrant function of any big fat Indian wedding. It signifies merging of two families by the union of their children. This wedding function acts as a breather from all the hectic work for the wedding preparations. Sangeet fuses music and dance as the soul of a wedding celebration and hence you will always find that the Sangeet function is always full of happy family members, dancing and singing and making memories with their loved ones. More often than not, professionals from the industry are called to perform either on traditional music tracks for sangeet or popular film songs for this essential Indian pre-wedding function. The Sangeet night is incomplete without the great food, drinks and dance. Starlight’s professional dancers are adept not only in our favorite Bollywood and free style dancing. They justify their roots by performing different dance forms from different parts of the world like, Fan Dance, Salsa, Can Can, Antre, Russian, Belly, Ballet, Candle Dance, country, Latin, Cabaret, Samba, and Burlesque etc. These dynamic, multi fusion, multi cultural dance forms will not only give your function a different edge, but will ensure that your guests are truly entertained. Their beautiful and expressive faces lift their amazingly skilled performances to another level of excitement. And their impressive yet authentic costumes add another cheer to your event. For the people who like to stand out in every aspect starlight offers different performing artists for your wedding functions, such as LED Samba, a group that has dazzling LED Costumes which make for a memorable act. Their excellent choreography combined with their startling costumes makes sure that the party goes on, no matter what. Our Carnival dancers have costumes so impressive that are sure to leave your guests spellbound.  Their presence at your function will ensure that it is celebrated like a huge carnival. We have a group of dancers with beautiful LED Capes with their costumes, which make their dance performance as mesmerizing as shining angels in the dark. Separately, we have professionals you can hire, who specialize in contemporary, Jazz, Waltz and other popular dance forms. Starlight also provides Indian Dancers for any wedding. Be it Bhangra for Punjabi, Garba & Dandia Raas for Gujarati, or Ghumar for Rajasthani etc. You name it and starlight will be delighted to help you with any of your entertainment related requirements or queries for your event or wedding. All these dance acts and more are what Starlight has to offer. They can customize all these acts for any clients that need something more exciting, and would share the same level of enthusiasm to do something new! All this goes for your dance part, Starlight also has a lot of options for the music part of this fun filled pre-wedding function. Every party needs a DJ Starlight has a variety wedding dancers for hire to suit any budget. Be it a requirement for an Indian DJ to play EDM or for an international DJ to play Bollywood. The options are just a click away. Visit www.starlighttalents.com to view the many options they have. How about having a mind blowing fusion band with Santoor, Flute, Tabla, Dhol, Sitaar, Veena, Harmonium and Jal Tarang together,  creating melodious tunes to enrich your listening experience. You can also have the wedding dancers performing on the tunes created by these fusion bands. Or maybe hire a wedding choreographer for the loved ones to give you a sweet memorable performance on your special day. Connect with starlight to hire wedding dancers to perform Fan Dance, Salsa, Can Can, Antre, Russian, Belly, Ballet, Candle Dance, country, Latin, Cabaret, Samba, and Burlesque etc. or Bhangra, Garba & Dandia Raas, or Ghumar and contemporary, Jazz, Waltz and other popular dance forms. Along with wedding dancers for hire, Starlight provides musical acts We have acts such as, Violin Mermaid, Desi Videsi- the band, Divine Symphony, Melodies in a bubble, Wedding Violinist, International DJ’s, Indian classical Bands, Indian Rock Bands, Indian Bands for weddings. Fusion Bands, Celebrity Singers like, Shibani Kashyap, Khusboo Grewal, Amit Sana, Kapil Thapa and choreographers like Terence lewis, santosh shetty and many more. Also Starlight keeps up with the trends and has a lot of Stand up- comedians to pitch for in corporate and shows. We have a range of professional anchors and as well as celebrity anchors for shows, award functions, and corporate as well as weddings. Contact 9820198968 for more information and to book artists for your weddings and events.

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Wedding Violinist

Hire a star wedding violinist for all occasions In Indian weddings, you do not usually find a wedding violinist or two, giving violin performances. People always have the traditional band bajaa baraat for weddings, usually accompanied by blaring film or pop music from speakers placed throughout the venue. While it’s not possible to do away with the former, it is definitely possible to replace the latter with a wedding violinist due to the number of benefits it offers Ups the cultural ante Nothing symbolises cultural refinement & elegance more than violin music played by a skilled wedding violinist. It just ups the aura of your event and gives it an air of being an upscale event on its own. People get the feeling that they have come to attend something of importance. European royals always made it at point to have a wedding violinist at every wedding occasion for this very reason. They wanted their guests to feel they had come to witness a momentous occasion. Sets a better mood than contemporary music These days, nearly every event or party you go to has the same dance & party music. After a while, they may stop noticing it as it becomes a given at any event. Treat your guests to something different by having a wedding violinists to set the right mood and be relaxed and comfortable. Your guests will surely thank you for it. It will also give them something to remember you by as nearly every wedding they have attended has had similar ambience, while yours gave them a chance to take a step back, relax and unwind by listening to soothing music played by a wedding violinist. Gives people room to talk & socialize If you have soft soothing music played at an event, such as violin music played by a wedding violinist, it gives people enough breathing space & room to talk normally, mingle amongst the crowd & socialize. They do not have to shout at the top of their voices to have a normal conversation which helps in keeping things calm & normal. Listening to soft, soothing violin music played by a wedding violinist gives people an opportunity to interact and get familiar with new people which they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do if there was loud music at the venue. Cuts across cultures Many people are under the impression that violin symbolises western culture, which is not entirely right. Indian and middle eastern cultures have had the instrument as part of their musical repertoires for centuries together. Hence a wedding violinist can go perfectly well with any style of wedding, Indian or western. Do not hesitate to have a wedding violinist at your wedding!

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Violinist Solo Performers By Starlight Talents

Get talented solo violinist performers for your event! The violin conviction is classically trained violinist  performed with the biggest artists in India and overseas, Alida, Alena and Anastasia make for the solo violin players they have performed  many ensembles and orchestras  and string quartets. Alena the violinist solo par excellence with influences from Jazz Popular folk and modern blues. With the advent of  Electric Violin using LED lights for costumes. Thus names for an extremely electrifying act, you can view these ensembles on the facebook page Alisa the solo violinist  Alisa has commissioned several solo violin compositions in the Bollywood genre as well using electric and LED violins, the ebony hardwood composed violin had come a long way in the evolution curve to produced some of the best performances including Vanessa Mae to Isaac Stern. Violinist solo method of creating an event concept Each event is required to be briefed by the client to the agency and a meticulous proposal covering the large concept then turns into a musical composition, much like alphabets make a word, words make sentences, and sentences make for a beautiful prose. That is the violin conviction for you. The artists can easily play while walking, stroll an area or even dance their tunes When not playing music these violinist solo prodigies are composing music these act is one of the most pioneering and revolutionary in the world of solo acts. These acts have been are high impact launch events for major brands. Summary of events conducted by violinist solo Our performers have conducted various events from classical events to modern pop and electro music, many custom compositions in synch with advertisement jingles or flagship tunes of large corporates have been created specifically for events From the most basic articulation. Detache to the next simplest articulation of Legato, to connect two or more notes with slurs or If no slurs are present, at a medium tempo, a dotted articulation can be played as Martele or Spiccato. Is the common discussion language with our team of violinist solo whilst composing. but not restraining oneself from exploring the full potential of the violin. A disciplined writing always brings excitement to music and amazes your audience. You may like to check our Facebook page for some the high performance events done by Starlight talent in India. For booking our violinist solo please get in touch thru our contact page here We will be happy to discuss and propose a concept in line with your marketing needs.

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Dancing Violinist Alisa Kolesnichenko

Wow your guests with a dancing violinist! Introduction Lindsey Stirling of America's got talent fame is perhaps the most well known dancing violinist in America. We have talent right here in India Alisa Kolesnichenko Alisa rose to fame exclusively with Starlight Talent has carried more than 100 live shows across the country and the world. This dancing violinist group is called The violin conviction DJ Violins & Dance Experience the magical grooves of the DJ along with catchy live beats of our percussionist and the sweet melodies of our international violinist. It’s a powerful 180 minute feast to the ears, which contains various dance genres giving you a chance to taste different flavours. About Alisa the Dancing Violinist The wonderful touch of live music added to dancing and violin maestro Alisa, her music is a very exciting combination!! As you can imagine adding two different art forms or equal complexity is the hallmark of Alisa You can watch our dancing violinist on the below YouTube link of starlight talent Alisa has been trained in ballet classical violin from Russia's most famed institute of classical violin. She combined dancing and violin with strict training over the years to emerge as one of the best professionals in the industry! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhVii1xIsAc[/embed] Dancing violinist can also be joined by a group of dancers to create a spectacular effect. Where Alisa keeps playing the violin while dancing. While many may speculate it's is an impossible feat to achieve, we debunk this theory just as much as the video can help you conclude. Violin conviction has played for respectable brands like the Maserati & Bentley brand launches, Hyundai, Aprilia, ICICI & Hard Rock café and with legendary singer KK for the BMW car launch along with brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar. The Violin conviction has the most impressive portfolio with the largest of brands and fanciest of gigs! Booking a dancing violinist You can book this awesome gig and make your event lot more spectacular and memorable Starlight talent will be glad to send you a concept created just for your event. Make your brand come alive, make use of what the most premium brands think what best is. For booking a dancing violinist and performance enquiry  click here

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4x4 Bhangra Dancers

Book the best 4x4 bhangra talent. Shake your stage with our 4x4 Bhangra dancers! It couldn't get any better when it comes to stealing shows through dance; which we provide through our Bhangra dancers for hire. The ancient yet extremely popular form of art that Bhangra is, a mere mention thereof in your list-of-events increases excitement for the attendees. If you're looking to hire Bhangra dancers, give our immensely talented group of 4x4 Bhangra dancers a chance; you won't regret it, that's our word! We are a dedicated team wherein each individual is professionally equipped as well as artistically crafted. Bhangra being the most exciting form of dance in modern times, needs an updated content every now-and-then, be it the steps performed, or the tracks chosen for the performance. 4x4 Bhangra dancers is a group that can promise such recency. History known as the martial dance of Punjab, Bhangra has a long popularity. It was first used to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi, which parallels the harvest season. When recorded music was far from an individual's dreams, Bhangra would involve energetic steps being performed on local drum beats combined with folk music and lyrics. 4x4 Bhangra dancers have adapted to the most modern form of Bhangra, combining it with electronic instruments along with traditional Punjabi ones like the Tumbi. The dancing style has also evolved into a beautiful amalmagation of traditional Punjabi style with mostly arm and shoulder movements, and western dancing style. This unique combination of the East and the West is well understood by our 4x4 Bhangra dancers, and keeps the audience deeply connected with the performances. While one sees a nostalgia owing to the anciency of the dance form, other gets a progressive flavour, thanks to the modernity given by the West.

Bhangra is special in that it's never boring. And our group of 4x4 Bhangra dancers have mesmerizing scripts, aptly filled with surprises. We assure you, you'll never regret having our Bhangra dancers for hire. The basis of Bhangra lies in celebration, so it's positive in every sense. The traditional lyrics used to be about love, relationships, money, dancing, drinking, and being merry. And thanks to the Punjabi taste, it has never lost its flavour. Overall, Bhangra means only one thing: Happiness! The high-energy environment it creates relieves performers/managers of the burden to keep the audience interested. And believe us, 4x4 Bhangra dancers have even more to offer; keep guessing!

So, even if you're not sure about hiring Bhangra dancers, give us a chance. Believe us, we'll not disappoint you, because, you know, Bhangra and disappointment are long enemies! Give your show a boost with the nitrous-charged performances of our 4x4 Bhangra dancers, and you will thank us for that. And if you still don't believe us, imagine yourself in the wedding ceremony of your bestest friend. While, people stick to their chairs, nodding in denial when the hosts ask them to dance for a random music track, what happens when the DJ plays Bhangra? Even the shyest of the uncles and aunties get engaged with the stage. Because it's difficult to remove Bhangra from our veins. 4x4 Bhangra dancers will show your audience how red the Bhangra-blood in their veins is!. Contact us to know more.

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