These acts add some rhythm to your event!

Hover Board Hysteria

Watch this spectacular act with beautiful girls dancing while balancing themselves on hover-boards. Their amazingly choreographed dance moves, makes the balancing on a Segway look like a piece of cake.

Sneha Kapoor with Richard

Amit and Sakshi (Indias got talent)

Amit Sana is singer from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. He was the runner-up in the first installment Indian Idol. Currently, he lives in Mumbai. He gave his voice for a track in Abhijeet Sawant’s first album.

He has recorded his own albums like Chal diye & Yaadein. Amit was a trained classical singer, but post Indian Idol,  started singing commercial Bollywood songs more frequently.

Amit Sana is a big fan of classical singer Ustad Rashid Khan and is a keen performer himself. 

Led Samba

Samba in itself is a cheerful dance form from Brazil, with African roots. Adding to this upbeat dance is our version, where the dancers wear glamorous LED costumes while performing Samba. This act could be a great ice-breaker for your event!

Duration: 25 mins

Group dancers

If one was not enough. We have a whole group of amazing dancers for you. These girls have an astounding caliber of dancing to entertain the audience and charm them with their beauty! They can perform Can-Can, Belly, Antre, Cabaret, Bollywood and  ​Freestyle.

Blooming Ballerina

Ballet is a beautiful dance form, used to convey amazing stories with dancers portraying strong and powerful characters. This Italian classical dance takes years of training to master.

Our ballerinas are adept in this art and have put together a beautiful piece of choreography, so that your guests can experience this elegant art form briefly.

Duration : 10 mins (2 acts)


Contortion is a performance art in which performers showcase their skills of extreme physical flexibility.