Dancing Violinist Alisa Kolesnichenko

Wow your guests with a dancing violinist!


Lindsey Stirling of America’s got talent fame is perhaps the most well known dancing violinist in America. We have talent right here in India Alisa Kolesnichenko Alisa rose to fame exclusively with Starlight Talent has carried more than 100 live shows across the country and the world. This dancing violinist group is called The violin conviction DJ Violins & Dance

Experience the magical grooves of the DJ along with catchy live beats of our percussionist and the sweet melodies of our international violinist. It’s a powerful 180 minute feast to the ears, which contains various dance genres giving you a chance to taste different flavours.

About Alisa the Dancing Violinist

The wonderful touch of live music added to dancing and violin maestro Alisa, her music is a very exciting combination!! As you can imagine adding two different art forms or equal complexity is the hallmark of Alisa You can watch our dancing violinist on the below YouTube link of starlight talent Alisa has been trained in ballet classical violin from Russia’s most famed institute of classical violin. She combined dancing and violin with strict training over the years to emerge as one of the best professionals in the industry!

Dancing violinist can also be joined by a group of dancers to create a spectacular effect. Where Alisa keeps playing the violin while dancing.

While many may speculate it’s is an impossible feat to achieve, we debunk this theory just as much as the video can help you conclude.

Violin conviction has played for respectable brands like the Maserati & Bentley brand launches, Hyundai, Aprilia, ICICI & Hard Rock café and with legendary singer KK for the BMW car launch along with brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar.

The Violin conviction has the most impressive portfolio with the largest of brands and fanciest of gigs!

Booking a dancing violinist

You can book this awesome gig and make your event lot more spectacular and memorable

Starlight talent will be glad to send you a concept created just for your event.

Make your brand come alive, make use of what the most premium brands think what best is.

For booking a dancing violinist and performance enquiry  click here

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