These are the acts in which the audience also gets involved!

Drum café

Our interactive drum program  promotes unity and team building, evokes togetherness and leaves participants with positive attitude and also applied as a perfect icebreaker which gets the group communicating, leaves the group stimulated and more receptive. Our interactive drum program demonstrates values such as listening to others, appreciating each and every individuals contributions and celebrating the rhythm in life.
Drum circles can be a part of almost every events or celebration, Employee engagement programs, weddings, birthday Parties, Inductions, training program, team outings, promos, launches ,conferences ,exhibitions etc….

So we call it as an entertainment for all ages, wages and stages!!​

Close up Magic

This guy will take you on a journey into the world of deception. What you believe is something you will never see. He has a unique style of impressing people with his magic. His flair, panache and wit never fail to charm his audiences.

Nitrogen Act

The Nitrogen act take the audiences to the next level from passive viewers to active participants: whether it is a family day for employees, mall activation, team-buildings, corporate events or family celebrations.