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DJ Notorious

King of Bollywood Remixes!

DJ Notorious is also known as the king of Bollywood remixes. He is one of the premier Bollywood DJ’s in India with an experience of 15 years in the circuit. He has done 18 Official Remixes & 8 Official Mashups for 16 Bollywood films.
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Nitrogen Act

The Nitrogen act take the audiences to the next level from passive viewers to active participants: whether it is a family day for employees, mall activation, team-buildings, corporate events or family celebrations.

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Liquid Drumming

The artist shows flawless technique as the water splashes with every beat of his drumming in perfect harmony with the LED lights custom fitted to his drums. An impressive visual with equally incredible beats make this act a treat for the parties or weddings where people wish to have fun.
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Talented International solo Violinist for your events

Violinist- Solo

Why Violinist would be a special addition to your event?  Through the passage of time, we have been led to believe by our beloved Bollywood, that the melodious string instument, violin is an exclusive symbol of romance through melodious songs like Ek Pyaar ka Nagma hai as the hero plays the violin.

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Acrobats On Rollers


The only rollerskating dance couple in Russia! That’s how unique these performers are, They are very popular in Europe, their show delights even the most discerning audiences. They are masters of figure skating. Winners of many national and international competitions. Their performance can leave the entire audience spellbound!

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Hula Hoop Dancer

Hula Hoop Dancing, also known as Hooping, is a combination of  spinning the hoola along with the body. Hoop dance artist incorporates many different dance styles into their routines. The artist can even perform with LED hoops.

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A Contortionist is someone who can literally, go beyond the limits and change the definition of impossible for the human body! Some get awed, some get freaked out, some refuse to believe what they see. 
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Hoverboard Dance Act

Hoverboard Hysteria

Hoverboard is also popularly termed as self balancing scooter. It was invented in 2013. It was since,  seen as a new paradigm for personal movability.

This cool new gadget was all the rage back in 2013.

As imagined by Marty McFly, in the movie, Back to the Future part II, Hoverboards are not as easy to ride. Although it’s tricky at first, it moves seamlessly once you get the hang of it. Hoverboard can feel like an extension of your body similar to the dance which feels like an extension of your soul.

Termed as a fad product, hoverboards have stayed long enough to prove the statement wrong. When we mix both of these together, what results, is a fun and interesting performance. Starlight presents this never seen before act, here in India.

Watch this spectacular act with beautiful girls dancing while balancing themselves on hover-boards. These professional and skilled dancers are a delight to watch. Be sure to pay attention, as they put up a high energy show with their inmitable skills with this technology. Their amazingly choreographed dance moves, makes the balancing on a Segway look like a piece of cake.

The show can be customised in terms of number of dancers from solo to four. Also, they have a range of smart costumes to fit any corporate event environment.

Though an amazing option for the corporates. People havent been shy to book these dancers for weddings nights to add a different element to the glam of any type of great Indian wedding celebrations.

Although their Base City is Mumbai, they are ready to travel worldwide for events accordingly.

Bookings for Hoverboard Hysteria- Dance Act

For Booking Hoverboard dancers in India, Contact Starlight at [email protected] or give us a call at 9820198968 and give your guests a visual treat!

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Blooming Ballerinas

Ballet is a beautiful dance form, used to convey amazing stories with dancers portraying strong and powerful characters. This Italian classical dance takes years of training to master.
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International Group Dancers

​Dance is a form of expression given to human just as speech, philosophy, painting or music.

 And if one was not enough. We have a whole group of amazing dancers for your event. These girls have an astounding caliber of dancing to entertain the audience and charm them with their beauty!

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Amit & Sakshi

Salsa is a popular dance form, originated in the New York City in 1970’s, with strong influence from Latin American dance forms.Lately Indians have been making huge progress in putting India on the map for its dance scene,

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Belly Dance

This Middle Eastern folk dance has evolved through time and is popular globally. Belly dance is known for its controlled, precise movements, with suggestive yet elegant and graceful movements.
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Dream Bubble

Add a sense of calm, to your event with the mesmerizing act of sparkling bubbles. A perfect act for corporate events or high teas, that will keep the guests hooked on till the last minute!

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An enthralling act put together by a very dynamic group. Their play with the element fire, will make it seem as easy as drawing a straight line. Make their effortless performance a part of your event and add life to your night as the fire adds light in the darkness!

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Mirror Family

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Six members of the Mirror Family bring a spectacular  theatre show that catches the attention with a “never seen before” combination of amazing costumes,  silent theatre and slapstick. Mirror People perform a beautifully choreographed routine which tells a story describing their ‘normal day’ by combining imaginative visual humor, eccentric dance and movement, masks, visual illusion.

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DJ Dean Scorch


DJ Dean Scorch is an international club and tour DJ and a Music Producer. He can make any party be on its toes for hours on end with his beats! He has his hands set on genres like House, Progressive Deep House, Big Room House, Hip-Hop, RnB along with Club Mix!

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As one of India’s top ranking DJs, he has been in the industry for more than 14 years. Over the years Anshul has made people swirl on his mixes and remixes. Starting it as a freelancer, he has made it big on the Fashion shows and Clubbing. He was also a resident DJ at Big Ben, The Kenilworth Hotel. He has been spinning underground at HHI (Kolkata) for around 7 years. 

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DJ Amyth is the resident DJ at Stints at Go Bananas, Wild Orchid, Wig Wam, Avalon, Club Abyss, BlackOut, The Scream, Razzberry Rhinoceros, Caprice (Party Hall), Big One(Sports Bar), The Resort.

He has worked with the best equipment and brands over the course of his career.With experience came technical expertise as he realized that to get the best out of his equipment, it was necessary to understand it completely. He was the first DJ in India to start playing digitally.

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International DJ 2

Born and brought up in Siberia, she is a true DJ at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of electronic dance music. She is one of those rare individuals who understands the unwritten laws of nightclubs. She keeps her nocturnal following alert & ecstatic throughout the night. Her refreshing sound is characterized by complex drum ensembles, deep bass lines, daring synths and emotive chords.

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International DJ 1

The first mix she ever uploaded on Mix-Cloud made it to No.1 on the Progressive EDM Charts and No.7 in House Music. Her Vocal Deep House Mix “Evoke The Love Vol.2 “, made it to No.36 on Beat-port’s Top Mixes Chart.  
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Power Bouncers

Their performance is in complete sync with their name. Being a mix of exceptional, extreme power and acrobatic skills with basic dance choreography, make this act, entertaining for all age groups.

Duration- 3 acts of 5 mins each

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CYR Wheel

The effortless movement of the performer across the stage on a well constructed metal hoop, will never fail to stun an audience. This act adds class and elegance to the night of the event.

Duration: 2 acts for 4 mins each

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Tanoura dance is a traditional dance performed by Sufi men, where tanoura referes to the long colorful skirts, where each colour on the skirt represents one sufi order. In this version, the already beautiful skirt is fitted with enormous amounts of LED Lights which give extraordinary look that is mesmerising to watch.

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Double Bubble

The bubble artists create a dreamy and an alluring atmosphere with the help of bubbles. All the while interacting with the guests which makes this a fascinating act as a whole to have at your event.

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Sand Artist

Sand Art is a transient form of Art. Our artist conveys stories by creating images in the sand. The spontaenity of his stories are sure to leave you spell bound.

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Fire Poi

Fire has always been the most dangerously beautiful element of all, hence the fire poi can add an intense and dramatic effect to your evening as the artist manipulates the fire according to her will for a visual treat with great accompanying music.

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UV Acts

This group has mastered the trick of exploiting the UV Lights in their favor as the enact a Bollywood sequence,  or any other customised act, with little elements of fun and surprise! Their theme-centric act with customised choreography can leave your audience in splits!

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LED Show

This group can captivate the attention of any kind of audience, no filters! See your guests be enchanted as the performers, in visually appealling costumes manipulate the LED props to make a beautifully sequence of patterns synced perfectly with the rythms of accompaning music.

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Laser Man Fight

This power packed act delivers a strong visual that never fails to amaze an audience. This Sci-Fi inspired act, not only entertains the crowd, but leaves many of them spell-bound. The accuracy and coordination of the performers make this act totally worth your money.

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Book this act for your event to capivate the attention of your audience! See your guests be enchanted as the spiner manipulates the LED Poi to make a beautiful sequence of patterns synced perfectly with the rythms of the accompanying music.

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LED Angels

A stunning performance by these three angels, we are sure, will be a delight for your eyes as well as for your guests. getting these swirling angels on stage is bound to take your event to another level in making a lasting impression with their visually appealing costumes, and a beautiful choreography to match.

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The main segments of this act are the dramatic and heart- stopping drops from the height, which showcase exceptional strength and flexibility of the acrobat! An amazing act to add an element of awe to your event as the acrobat moves with agility in mid air using only a long silk rope attached at the cieling.

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Champagne Girls

Serve the sparkling wine to your guests with the help of a girl with a sparkling smile! The girl moves around the venue, serving the wine, from a wine glass holder around her dress!

Duration: 180 mins

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Burlesque Table

These table hostesses will move from place to place, through your event, entertaining your guests offering them, cocktails, desserts, showcasing items or just passing out party treats to all your guests.

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LED Discs

A beautifully dressed model, carrying an LED Tray to serve!

These trays are dramatically illumnated witha powerful neon glow and are used for serving the guests.

These girls give an electric ambience to the event! 

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Dispenser Girls

These beautiful models bring life to any party as they go around serving alcohol shots using bar props, mingling with the guests, encouraging people to chug down their drinks and making sure everybody has a good time!

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Band Baaja Baaraat- Wedding Reception_ January- DFK Events

Band Baaja Baaraat

Book the new and amazing Band.

Baaraat is one of the most fun-filled traditions in an Indian marriage. 

To add more fun and frolic book Band Baaja Baaraat, a starlight creation. 
This act boasts of being currently the only brass band performed by international artists with instruments like Alto Saxophone, trumpet, Tenor​ ​saxophone and ​Indian Drum player in flow with the lively beats of Punjabi dhol.​ 
This can be a unique way to welcome the baaraat and amaze your guests! 
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Rabin Bar


Rabin Bar, widely recognized as India’s first Speed Painter, is one of the most enlivening artists in India. He featured in Sony Channel’s “Entertainment ke liye Kuch bhi Karega” , and became an instant hit, with the masses. He is one of the most successfully established artists in the country. His core include

  • drawing with both the hands and a leg together,
  • speed painting,
  • fire painting,
  • 30 sketches in three minutes,
  • Blind painting,
  • Sand animation,
  • Signature painting,
  • Scribble painting etc.

This versatile nature of the artist in the field of painting and even in sculpture makes him and man of amazing caliber, who is loved and appreciated by his audience irrespective of their age.

He has already enthralled the viewers of various media channels like SONY TV, ZEE TV, ZEE NEWS, ETV Bangla, ETV Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc.

He would be a perfect artist to add a creative element to your evening.

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Master of Obscure- Well versed in illusion, mind reading and has the oldest tricks in his pockets. Now coming with a bang with digital illusion with an iPad.

iPad Magician


Master of the obscure-iPad Magician

Magic had always been shrouded in mystery.
He is not some run of the mill magician who knows the same old tricks. This guy has learnt magic from most enchanting capital city, of the most beautiful European country, Rome.
iPad magic is still a novel concept in India and is yet to develope into a mainstream entertainment act.
The magician has a pleasant personality and a fresh way of presenting his art that sets in a cheerful atmosphere with his audience.
He is an entertainer by whom the crowd can never get bored of.

​​He ​is one of the finest Close up Digital (iPad) Illusionist in Mumbai, entertaining a multitude of Corporate groups, Families and Bollywood personalities. His gentle nature, unassuming personality and a disarming smile works like magic.

​With many years of experience at sleight of hand, he leaves you in awe with his dexterity as Coins, Cards and Non magical every-day objects come to life in his hands. The laws of science and logic are repeatedly defied. 
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Blossom Beauty

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Carnival Sensation

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Aerial Violinist


Although her music is enough to impress, She is here to give you a little more! She remembered how gymnastics was one of her strong points, and she combined the two to create a power packed performance that is sure to make you wonder how she does it!

Aerial Violin act was truly developed in 2007, in a country which houses a diverse culture for art and literature, France.

We are proud to declare that, currently, our artist is the only violinist to accomplish this act in India.

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Divine Symphony

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First Show with Aerial Rigging

Aerial Musicians

For when you thought musicians are boring; Starlight presents- Aerial Musicians!

How Aerial Musicians came to be: Its, as if, out of habit, that Starlight  strives to give the people everything as a little more!

And hence this concept of musicians being up in the air, proves to be little more new, and a lot more exciting!

These instrumentalists literally spread their musical tunes in the air! These artists play amazing tunes with their instruments. Also, their music can be customized according to the event. It is beautiful to watch them as they play while flying in the air. Overlooking the guests like pixies over the flowers!

Duration : 60 mins

Click HERE to view the video

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Fairy Harpist

We all know that heaven is generally depicted with angels playing a harp in front of the pearly gates, well that is because of the sweetest melodies one can play with the harp
In addition to being one of the oldest instruments, it was also an aristocratic instrument. The harpers that played in the courts were required to evoke Laughter, tears and even sleep by their melodies.
For our fairy harpist, the harp is a part of her soul that resonates deep with the age old traditions that are always open to change, as she plays hit Bollywood and western tunes along with the soulful classical music.
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Violin & Saxophone Duo

It is an exclusive combination of one violinist & one saxophonist originating from Russia where the western classical form of music is very prominent. 
This talented duo can also play Bollywood and Pop tunes which tend to enthrall the Indian audiences. 
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Fountain Lady


This is a very beautiful piece to welcome your guests to your event. Here the human transforms into a living fountain and elegantly sways to the music with the jets of water, gently coming through her fingertips.

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Human Sculptures

The performer creates an illusion of complete stillness in different poses. When the passer-bys dont realize, that the statue is actually human, they surprise them with a small gesture like a nod or a wink that can make the guests skip a beat

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Vodka Mamas

Shot girls are a unique and exciting way to break the ice at any event. Glamorous female models with great personalities, to mingle and hand out shots, encouragings guests to drink and join in the fun!

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