Violinist Solo Performers By Starlight Talents

Get talented solo violinist performers for your event!

The violin conviction is classically trained violinist  performed with the biggest artists in India and overseas, Alida, Alena and Anastasia make for the solo violin players they have performed  many ensembles and orchestras  and string quartets.

Alena the violinist solo par excellence with influences from Jazz Popular folk and modern blues. With the advent of  Electric Violin using LED lights for costumes. Thus names for an extremely electrifying act, you can view these ensembles on the facebook page

Alisa the solo violinist 

Alisa has commissioned several solo violin compositions in the Bollywood genre as well using electric and LED violins, the ebony hardwood composed violin had come a long way in the evolution curve to produced some of the best performances including Vanessa Mae to Isaac Stern.

Violinist solo method of creating an event concept

Each event is required to be briefed by the client to the agency and a meticulous proposal covering the large concept then turns into a musical composition, much like alphabets make a word, words make sentences, and sentences make for a beautiful prose. That is the violin conviction for you. The artists can easily play while walking, stroll an area or even dance their tunes

When not playing music these violinist solo prodigies are composing music these act is one of the most pioneering and revolutionary in the world of solo acts. These acts have been are high impact launch events for major brands.

Summary of events conducted by violinist solo

Our performers have conducted various events from classical events to modern pop and electro music, many custom compositions in synch with advertisement jingles or flagship tunes of large corporates have been created specifically for events

From the most basic articulation. Detache to the next simplest articulation of Legato, to connect two or more notes with slurs or If no slurs are present, at a medium tempo, a dotted articulation can be played as Martele or Spiccato. Is the common discussion language with our team of violinist solo whilst composing. but not restraining oneself from exploring the full potential of the violin. A disciplined writing always brings excitement to music and amazes your audience.

You may like to check our Facebook page for some the high performance events done by Starlight talent in India.

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We will be happy to discuss and propose a concept in line with your marketing needs.

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