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Get starlight’s wedding dancers for hire to entertain your guests!

What is a wedding without music and dance?

We all know that music and dance are an integral part of not only Indian weddings but for the people themselves.

These two elements enrich any event and give it a soul by adding, color, energy, liveliness and warmth.

And this is where Starlight can help you. We have a group of talented and amazing dancers from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. It is a group of individuals who believe in individuality and expressing the art they excel in, to add to the enthusiasm of your wedding, sangeet or mehendi functions.

Sangeet is the most fun and vibrant function of any big fat Indian wedding.

It signifies merging of two families by the union of their children. This wedding function acts as a breather from all the hectic work for the wedding preparations. Sangeet fuses music and dance as the soul of a wedding celebration and hence you will always find that the Sangeet function is always full of happy family members, dancing and singing and making memories with their loved ones. More often than not, professionals from the industry are called to perform either on traditional music tracks for sangeet or popular film songs for this essential Indian pre-wedding function. The Sangeet night is incomplete without the great food, drinks and dance.

Starlight’s professional dancers are adept not only in our favorite Bollywood and free style dancing. They justify their roots by performing different dance forms from different parts of the world like, Fan Dance, Salsa, Can Can, Antre, Russian, Belly, Ballet, Candle Dance, country, Latin, Cabaret, Samba, and Burlesque etc.

These dynamic, multi fusion, multi cultural dance forms will not only give your function a different edge, but will ensure that your guests are truly entertained.

Their beautiful and expressive faces lift their amazingly skilled performances to another level of excitement. And their impressive yet authentic costumes add another cheer to your event.

For the people who like to stand out in every aspect starlight offers different performing artists for your wedding functions, such as LED Samba, a group that has dazzling LED Costumes which make for a memorable act. Their excellent choreography combined with their startling costumes makes sure that the party goes on, no matter what.

Our Carnival dancers have costumes so impressive that are sure to leave your guests spellbound.  Their presence at your function will ensure that it is celebrated like a huge carnival.

We have a group of dancers with beautiful LED Capes with their costumes, which make their dance performance as mesmerizing as shining angels in the dark.

Separately, we have professionals you can hire, who specialize in contemporary, Jazz, Waltz and other popular dance forms.

Starlight also provides Indian Dancers for any wedding.

Be it Bhangra for Punjabi, Garba & Dandia Raas for Gujarati, or Ghumar for Rajasthani etc. You name it and starlight will be delighted to help you with any of your entertainment related requirements or queries for your event or wedding.

All these dance acts and more are what Starlight has to offer. They can customize all these acts for any clients that need something more exciting, and would share the same level of enthusiasm to do something new!

All this goes for your dance part, Starlight also has a lot of options for the music part of this fun filled pre-wedding function.

Every party needs a DJ

Starlight has a variety wedding dancers for hire to suit any budget. Be it a requirement for an Indian DJ to play EDM or for an international DJ to play Bollywood. The options are just a click away.

Visit to view the many options they have.

How about having a mind blowing fusion band with Santoor, Flute, Tabla, Dhol, Sitaar, Veena, Harmonium and Jal Tarang together,  creating melodious tunes to enrich your listening experience.

You can also have the wedding dancers performing on the tunes created by these fusion bands.

Or maybe hire a wedding choreographer for the loved ones to give you a sweet memorable performance on your special day.

Connect with starlight to hire wedding dancers to perform Fan Dance, Salsa, Can Can, Antre, Russian, Belly, Ballet, Candle Dance, country, Latin, Cabaret, Samba, and Burlesque etc. or Bhangra, Garba & Dandia Raas, or Ghumar and contemporary, Jazz, Waltz and other popular dance forms.

Along with wedding dancers for hire, Starlight provides musical acts

We have acts such as, Violin Mermaid, Desi Videsi- the band, Divine Symphony, Melodies in a bubble, Wedding Violinist, International DJ’s, Indian classical Bands, Indian Rock Bands, Indian Bands for weddings. Fusion Bands, Celebrity Singers like, Shibani Kashyap, Khusboo Grewal, Amit Sana, Kapil Thapa and choreographers like Terence lewis, santosh shetty and many more.

Also Starlight keeps up with the trends and has a lot of Stand up- comedians to pitch for in corporate and shows.

We have a range of professional anchors and as well as celebrity anchors for shows, award functions, and corporate as well as weddings.

Contact 9820198968 for more information and to book artists for your weddings and events.

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