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In Indian weddings, you do not usually find a wedding violinist or two, giving violin performances. People always have the traditional band bajaa baraat for weddings, usually accompanied by blaring film or pop music from speakers placed throughout the venue. While it’s not possible to do away with the former, it is definitely possible to replace the latter with a wedding violinist due to the number of benefits it offers

  1. Ups the cultural ante

Nothing symbolises cultural refinement & elegance more than violin music played by a skilled wedding violinist. It just ups the aura of your event and gives it an air of being an upscale event on its own. People get the feeling that they have come to attend something of importance.

European royals always made it at point to have a wedding violinist at every wedding occasion for this very reason. They wanted their guests to feel they had come to witness a momentous occasion.

  1. Sets a better mood than contemporary music

These days, nearly every event or party you go to has the same dance & party music. After a while, they may stop noticing it as it becomes a given at any event. Treat your guests to something different by having a wedding violinists to set the right mood and be relaxed and comfortable. Your guests will surely thank you for it.

It will also give them something to remember you by as nearly every wedding they have attended has had similar ambience, while yours gave them a chance to take a step back, relax and unwind by listening to soothing music played by a wedding violinist.

  1. Gives people room to talk & socialize

If you have soft soothing music played at an event, such as violin music played by a wedding violinist, it gives people enough breathing space & room to talk normally, mingle amongst the crowd & socialize. They do not have to shout at the top of their voices to have a normal conversation which helps in keeping things calm & normal.

Listening to soft, soothing violin music played by a wedding violinist gives people an opportunity to interact and get familiar with new people which they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do if there was loud music at the venue.

  1. Cuts across cultures

Many people are under the impression that violin symbolises western culture, which is not entirely right. Indian and middle eastern cultures have had the instrument as part of their musical repertoires for centuries together. Hence a wedding violinist can go perfectly well with any style of wedding, Indian or western. Do not hesitate to have a wedding violinist at your wedding!

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