Starlight’s welcome acts let you extend a warm welcome to guests at any occasion. Our renowned acts are:


Red carpet Lady

The red carpet refers to the special efforts made by the host in the interests of hospitality. And the red carpet lady will assure that your guests are royally welcomed to your event! 

Violin Mermaid

The princess of the sea enchants anybody who listens to her beautiful melodies. This makes an amazing welcome act as well as nice background music. Be ready to be mesmerized by her charisma as she plays soothing melodies.

Duration : 120 mins

Blossom Beauty

A function’s décor is incomplete without the flowers. And hence flowers are the first thing people decide when it comes to the décor of their event.

Our radiant Blossom Beauty, wearing a beautiful flower dress is someone who can give your event a different cheer and welcome your guests with her sunny smile!

Duration: 120 Min

Melodies in a Bubble


The bubble is an original concept by Starlight. A beautifully synced combination of music and light will be running on the surface of the bubble. This breathtaking visual and musical performance is bound to impress the crowds at your event.

Duration : 120 mins

Human Sculptures


The performer creates an illusion of complete stillness in different poses. When the passers-by don’t realize, that the statue is actually human, they surprise them with a small gesture like a nod or a wink that can make the guests skip a beat.

These people are great for your event, if you want your guests to tip over!

Duration : 120 mins

Peacock Girl


Peacock is an old and distinguished symbol of royalty. It defines prosperity, luck and beauty. Let this beautiful peacock girl welcome your guests with her lovely smile!

Duration: 180 Min